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Pandemic Sampler Hausfest 2020

by Gisi / GGS31

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    Damit ihr euch eine eigene CD brennen könnt kann unter https://ggs31.arachnia.ch/index.php/aktuell/489-hausfest-sampler-2020 das Artwork auch runtergeladen werden, ausgedruckt gibt das eine schickes DIY Werk!
    You can burn your own CD by downloading the artwork here https://ggs31.arachnia.ch/index.php/aktuell/489-hausfest-sampler-2020 Print it out and you'll have your own DIY compilation!
    unreleased tracks by Vicky & Ricky, sayes, Lady Lazy & torkel t., pest control, DNO and Ü.B.L.

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Hate this order Fuck your cover This is not for me 2x Fuck this shit, it is insanity Hate this order Love disorder It‘s not over This is anarchy 2x Love this shit, i love this anarchy Love disorder Disorder No border No order Run for cover, it‘s not over Fight the power Burn the tower Shit goes sour We hit you harder
Broken bodies Ripped appart Reveal the insides The flesh exposed, naked bodies They let them dry out in the sun Humiliated Humiliated Humiliated They feed them piss and shit Crushed and crucified For a short lived fantasy They walk full of shame They eat the nails The gods gave them Heavy fires from above A cruel indifference A faithless attention Broken bodies Ripped appart Reveal the insides Humiliated Humiliated Humiliated
Questa pena Por favor, alíviame estos dolores Cura me del mal de amores Alivia mi triste corazón Hay mi amor, strappami questa pena Una condanna tremenda Che la tua bocca mi lasciò Alumbra el sol Todos mis recuerdos Quemando mis deseos Diciéndote adiós E qui con la luna dentro casa Sentendoti più forte Perchè ho perso solo io E qui con la luna dentro casa mia Aspettando che la porta Si apra un'altra volta
a quiet life under a blue sky a goddamn trap that is so nice two kids, a dog, a pretty wife i'm making sure you always smile brainwasher down on the streets faces so kind a boredom suburb, a life of shite no guts, no glory and a crippled mind you say you're happy but that's a lie i'm a brainwasher, i don't want you to think got to put your brain in my washing machine i wash the stains, leave no idea i'm a brainwasher, i make things clear locked in a cell that i designed all that you hate is what i like fucked from the start until you die a meat puppet blinded by lie
Rastlosigkeit fänds schön z wüsse wohäre mit mir u vilich no angerne chönne zfride si u nid ständig tribe z si rastlosigkeite i mir inne froge mi zu was es die no bringe mache mer angst zerstöre mi no ganz s isch doch totau dernäbe weiss nid öbis öperem söu säge cha nümme si ha z viu energie rastlosigkeite i mir inne froge mi zu was es die no bringe mache mer angst zerstöre mi no ganz immer meh… immer meh… mi körper schreit nach meh rastlosigkeite i mir inne froge mi zu was es die no bringe mache mer angst zerstöre mi no ganz mache mer angst zerstöre mi no ganz
DNO - Ikony 02:01
Pyšný ,hrdý, tak proslulý Plytký, prázdný, tak povrchní Žádný člověk ,není lepší ani důležitější než ti ostatní. Lofty, proud so famous Shallow, empty so outward No person is more better and more important then anyone else.
Čas beze smyslu, jen bolest zas a znova – vyjádřit nelze, slova jsou jenom slova prázdná. Slova jsou jenom slova – a bolest zas a znova. Vymanit se z kruhu je marné sažení, uvnitř kruhu zanikají prosby o vyslyšení. Dítě v labyrintu, ze kterého únik není, točit se v kruhu a doufat v zapomnění. Rozbít se na padrť a setřít prach, to co však zůstává, je bolest a strach. Rozbít se na padrť a smést prach, to co však zůstane je prázdnota a strach. Time without sense / only pain again and again / but I cannot explain it / because words are only words – full of emptiness. The words are only senseless words – and pain is still here, again and again. It is not possible to break out of the circle - inside the circle, the pleading for the hearing disappears. Like the child in the labyrinth, from which no escape exists, I run round in circles and hope for oblivion I try to destroy myself and sweep away the rest, but what remains is pain and fear I try to destroy myself and sweep away the rest, but what remains is fear and emptiness


(english below)

Liebe alle,

Aufgrund der aktuellen COVID-19 Pandemie wird dieses Jahr leider kein Gisi-Hausfest stattfinden. Ursprünglich geplant war ein Hausfest vollgepackt mit Musik, Unterhaltung, Essen, Getränken und viel Spass – kurzum: wie gewohnt. Um euch die Wartezeit auf nächstes Jahr etwas zu versüssen, haben wir mit den Bands, welche das Hausfest 2020 musikalisch begleitet hätten, einen Sampler erstellt. Diesen gibt es bei Bandcamp für lau. Solltet ihr für den Sampler ein paar Münzen springen lassen wollen, so werden wir dieses Geld vollumfänglich an Projekte auf Lesbos weiterleiten, welche sich bereits vor dem Coronavirus-Ausbruch und natürlich auch in der aktuellen Lage für Flüchtende einsetzen und diese so gut wie möglich unterstützen.

Bleibt gesund und solidarisch

eure Gisi31 in Winterthur

Danke 1000 den involvierten Bands und ArtistInnen welche sich so spontan unserer Schnapsidee angeschlossen haben!

Dear friends

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel this year’s Gisi house festival. It was planned to have two days full of music, entertainment, food, drinks and lots of fun – simply the same as every year. As a treat for you, meant to shorten the waiting period until next year’s Gisi fest, we created a sampler with all the bands, which would have played at the festival 2020. You can download the sampler on bandcamp for free, or you can show your support and donate some money, which we will fully pass on to projects on Lesbos, which are continuously supporting refugees – before as well as during the Corona pandemic.
Stay healthy and show solidarity
your Gisi31 in Winterthur


Props to the involved bands and artists who so spontaneously joined our idea!

Hier die Links zu den einzelnen Artisten:


released May 29, 2020


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Gisi / GGS31 Winterthur, Switzerland

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